The Target dollar corner gets me all the time!

5 years ago

You know when you walk into Target and you see the dollar section you glace past it but then you notice something cool? Well thats pretty much me every time I go to Target. I always look and I can`t help it because the items are only a dollar! I was there in that one section for a good 15 minutes. Ridiculous right? I just noticed all the pink, girly and valentines things and it caught my attention. I ended up getting a roll of this cute polka dot wrapping paper, because I had a few small gifts to wrap and all I had was Christmas wrapping paper so I wanted to get something pretty looking. The other things I got were these 2 paper/cardboard trays. I knew I was going to use one of them for my makeup table but there were 2 cute prints and they were only a dollar so I ended up getting both.

<p><storm>Do you ever get caught off guard because of the Target collar corner?</strong></p>

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