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4 years ago

I`m all about advances in technology and making life easier, but that is as long as it doesn`t affect my health negatively or the environment. I came across this idea on a website [] and just had to find out more information.

Supposedly within the next five years a sunscreen pill will be available to the masses. This pill is supposed to work from the inside out to protect our skin and eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. The concept is based on the way that the coral reef protects itself from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Which is a pretty cool idea to use natures natural means of protection to help further the defense of the human body against skin damage and cancer. My main concern is with any side effects on the body. We all weren`t born with a natural defense against the sun`s UV rays, so what will happen when scientists actually duplicate the compound that allows the coral reef to protect itself? We are a totally different species. I don`t know. I pretty much rank this concept/idea up there with genetic modifying crops. It`s a huge risk. I have a sun allergy. Yes, I am a walking, talking and functioning vampire. lol. I haven`t fallen victim to the whole blood lust thing, but I have a severe allergic reaction when my skin is exposed to direct sunlight for more than ten to fifteen minutes. I`m extremely cautious because of this. I learned this after going kayaking for 3 1/2 to 4 hours back in 2010. I burnt really bad, blistered and then swelled up two and a half times the normal size. The effects lasted for two months and I still had some issues that lingered for about another two weeks. Not fun.

What do you all think? Would you try this product? Would you trust it or wait it out until it was on the market for a while?

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