The Strangers

4 years ago

Directed By Bryan Bertino.

Possible the most eerie film up-to-date, simply because it`s one of my biggest fears to come to a place and not realize that there are crazy lunatics that want to kill you. What a memory? Something that will make you wish you had better tactic than just playing victim the whole time. That`s why I cringe about this film. It reminds me of the movie The Hills have Eyes without the mountain people. I am unsure to how movies are becoming more morbid lately. It`s like they thrive for something to make you fear your neighborhood. I rate it maybe 2 1/2 out of 5 because I`m not a huge fan when you feel helpless in a film. But it won`t stop me from writing about them there are more to come. Thank goodness it`s not a reality based film of is it? Problem, unsolved mysteries happen every day maybe that`s the quote to this story. Do comment and/or like below.

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