The start of the beginning

I`ve always wanted to write my own column in some fancy shmancy (didn`t know that was a real word!) fashion magazine. Techincally, I`m living that. Besides a future fashion column writer has to start some where, right? I mean Rome sure wasn`t built in a day. Lets start with just a few things about me, shall we?

The names Kennedy, some have tried to call me Ken, I`m cool with it. First things first, probably 99.45% of my posts will be typed up on my iPhone. Therefore I won`t be able to do all the fancy texts and pictures with writing on them. Anyways, my favorite color is yellow, I`d describe my style as laid back or comfortable. But (and yay me) I just got a job as a sales associate for the store Tillys and apparently they want us to dress "in style." So my style will be stepping it up in the days to come. Senior in high school, woop woop! Hopefully either University of Miami or Texas A&M bound. I LOVE makeup, more specifically eyeshadow. I go crazy and if I do say so myself I`m quite good at it. I don`t have any fashion icons, but I do have a couple people who inspire me (Sister, Ashley Sky, Summer Roberts). Huge fan of that amazing show known as The OC. And there`s so much more, but I think I better let y`all go.

Till tomorrow my friends . . .

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