The Sore ThroatCold Remedy: Citron Syrup Tea (YooJaCha)

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
Last weekend, I had a pretty sore throat... and I knew I was getting sick :( By Monday, the sore throat transformed into a full-blown cold, and now I`m coughing and sniffling all day T_T My boyfriend was really worried about me, so he made me this wonderful "Citron Syrup Tea", otherwise known as YooJaCha ()! It has really helped soothe my throat and die down my coughing :) Most Korean people have probably already heard of it, but I had actually never had it before.

Citron is, like the name insinuates, a citrus fruit. It looks like a mix between a lime and a lemon, but it tastes more like an orange (at least in the tea it does ^^). Unlike other citrus fruits, it has a drier pulp and thick white rinds (like that in the center of an orange). To make the syrup, the fruit is peeled and sliced, then is soaked in either honey or sugar. This syrup is then scooped in a cup and used to make this tea! All you do is add hot water and you`re ready to battle your sickness! I`m not sure where else they sell it, but I know you can find it at any Asian/Korean market or grocery store :)

<strong>Picture #1</strong> shows the container that the citron syrup is in. As you can see on the bottom right, the syrup look pretty thick and chunky. The great thing about this tea is that none of it goes to waste since you can eat the citron pulp when you`re done with the liquid portion of the tea.

<strong>Picture #2</strong> shows what the tea will look like when you`re ready to drink it. Depending on how sweet you want the tea, you can add as many spoonfuls; but I personally only add about 2 small spoons of it. The tea is pleasantly sweet with the perfect hint of citrus :) It`s not only yummy, but since it`s made with honey, it`s great for a sore throat as well!


Thanks for reading/viewing this post! I hope none of you are sick like I am, but if any of you are sick, or in the process of getting sick, definitely give this tea a try! It`s really yummy and just makes you feel better ^^

<em>Have you ever tried this tea before? If so, did you like it? If not, are you interested in trying it? Let me know in your comments below!</em>

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