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2 years ago

You`ve probably seen commercials, online ads or even heard about it from you know, but the one site you HAVE to use when you shop online is Ebates. Now when I first heard about this site a few years ago I was skeptical, but it doesn`t take anything other then your name and an e-mail address to sign up, so i figured I would give it a shot.
I admit I had the account for a long time and I always forgot to use, but the few times I did I had accumulated $10.00 in cash back rewards, which I completely forgot about. I didn`t even think about Ebates again until I got a $10.00 check in the mail out of nowhere form them. After I got the check I logged into my account and it showed what I had purchased to earn the $10.00 and that I had received the check because the money had been in my account for an extended period of time.
That was over a year ago, and I have been using the site avidly since. I don`t shop online often, but when I do I ALWAYS check Ebates.
Not only do they offer you cash back to shop, BUT they keep a log of all the valid coupons stores have to offer. You can always find free shipping codes and discount codes on ebates, and you don`t even need an account to get those!
So even if you`re skeptical about creating an account, you can still get some discounts!
Ebates recently announced that they have doubled the cash back rewards for some online stores. Here`s where you luuuxers can benefit. The doubled shops include Ulta, Target, JCPenny, Kohls and many more! Right now you can get up to 8% cash back for shopping at Ulta. They also have discount coupons for Ulta right now too! And since Ebates doesn`t count as using a coupon code on the ultra site that is even MORE savings for you.
Right now they`re also offering a promotion that if you sign up 2 members and they make valid purchases you get a $50.00 reward.

All you have to do to start earning your rewards is create an account and use their store links. All your purchases still go through stores website and nothing beyond switching which link you click changes, and of course the money you get back.
It takes a couple days for your Ebates to process about the same amount of time for your order to ship form the store and then it will appear on your account. It`s super easy!
To get your rewards you can opt for a check or you can get them through your paypal account. I just get a check that way I can build them up and really save with them.

Check out my second picture for a summary of my account and how I got the rewards that I have. If you have any questions about Ebates or how redeeming your rewards work just put them in the comments and I`ll answer them as soon as I can!
This really is such an easy way to save some money, everyone should do it!
If you`re interested in signing up click the link below:

The images provided above are screen capped from my Ebates account, please do not take them.

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