The sims ambitions

****The sims 3 ambitions **** 

A couple of months ago i saw this game on sale for only £2!. I am quite a big sims fan but to be honest i wasn`t that bothered by this expansion until i saw that you could control the sims when they were at work as well - something that i think is new to this expansion pack and you also had more options in the creating the houses section of the game. 

This expansion pack gives you a lot more options with the sims jobs. I like how the sims can own property so they don`t need to have a job but still have money coming in. They also seem to be able to earn new skills like inventing and sculpting which they can then 
use to earn money. 

This game has the following system requirements: 
OS - Windows XP/Vista/7 
Processor - 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent for XP/ 2.4GHz P4 processor for Vista,7 
Memory 1 GB XP/ 1.5 GB Vista, 7 
Hard drive 3.5 GB Free Space for installation plus additional space for saved games 
Video Card 128MB with pixel shader 2.0 support 
I think everyone knows that you need the sims 3 installed first before you can play this and if you are installing multiple disks it seems to work better if you install them in the order they come out (maybe wrong with that but all my friends seem to do it that way)So easy to install now as well and although i cant remember exactly how long it took i was making a family within the hour. 
I have quite a new windows 7 ,has quite a large hardriver etc and the game loads up really quick, not like the old sims where you started it loading then went and made a cup of tea.. 

Overall i do think this game is worth it - what i paid for it anyway. There is not a lot of extra clothes,hairstyles with this expansion pack but i don`t mind as i use the online community website anyway.

Summary: worth it when its not full price

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