The ship that sank was not the Titanic

5 years ago

100 years ago, the Titanic sank in the waters of the North Atlantic and went down in history as the most famous shipwreck of all time. Not that accident escape from the famous conspiracy theories.
According to the book "Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank" (Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank), the British Robin Gardiner, who sank the ship was the Olympic not the Titanic. The book argues that the White Star Line would have changed the names of their liners to destroy, intentionally, the Olympic, which had suffered serious damage after a collision with the cruiser HMS Hawke in September 1911.

As the Olympic did not have insurance, the company developed the fraud. The idea, again according to the author, was to change the IDs of the two ships, sending the Olympic debut of the Titanic, sink it, to rescue passengers and crew and receive the compensation contracted for the Titanic. After completion of the plan, follow the real Titanic Olympic career.

The book points out as evidence of a plan the fact that the millionaire JP Morgan, one of the owners of Star Line, have given up on board the Titanic at the last minute. Another clue is that no work of art was embedded in the company`s luxury liner.
According to the theory advocated by Gardiner, the captain received money for playing the ship against an iceberg. But the plan failed because the accident happened a day earlier than expected. According to the author, the Titanic collided with a ship sent by Star Line to the rescue: the ship was with the lights off to avoid suspicion and was not seen by the crew of the Titanic.
In addition, another mess caused the death of so many passengers, how would the rescue, the Titanic took many boats and lifejackets less than necessary.

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