The Secretly includes real money in Monopoly Game.

Hello LuUUX Family,
I got a news for you. Not everyone wake up an hear new`s like this!But don`t you wish you can buy a broad game from a store, in get you money back in return an maybe a little more. Well here is the chance; you can only in France. I wish USA would do something like that. Everyone heard of Monopoly right,Playing with the fake money was fun . Now it real,You can buy a game an have real money in there.If this happen in USA people might fight to get to them.

Well let brainstorm..
Fake game = 5 point
real money = 100 point
Question what the catch. Can This can be a scam? Who would give away free money?Don`t that make you wonder, Why?
Its the money has a chip in it.No one know..

Well the reason for all of this Monopoly has been around for a long time.Turn out it Monopoly 80th anniversary of Monopolys first appearance in France, Not everyone gonna be a lucky buyer.Only manufacturers are providing money in 80 lucky buyers games broads.
The same amount you find in the game in USA. That the amount in France

*Updated on this stories *
The news stated there are real usa money in the broad games to.So that mean there are some lucky broad games in the Usa ..Good luck on the lucky winner..


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