The Secret Behind Making the PERFECT Macaron

2 years ago

I know how frustrating it is to make these cookies. Trust me, I`ve been there. After multiple tries, I finally found out what works and what doesn`t work. So, I`ll be sharing them here!

Firstly, you`ll need a Recipe. I usually look up Beth`s Foolproof Macaron Recipe on Youtube and use that. I don`t think it really matters what recipe you use. It`s all about how you execute the making of the macaron.

NOTE: These are tips/common mistakes I`ve/others have experienced NOT DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE MACARONS

1. Use almond flour. No other flour will work. It HAS to be almond flour. Yes, I know it`s expensive, but it`s the only thing that will do the job. They`re usually $13 at Publix (blanched), but if you don`t mind the brown shells, then go ahead and get some at your local Trader Joe`s for about $5.

2. You should put the almond flour through a strainer before anything else. The reason is so that you can get rid of all the giant clumps of almond flour. You want the flour to be fine so that when your macarons are done baking, they won`t be bumpy and rough. Putting the flour through a strainer will make the flour fine. Yes, it`s tedious. I don`t like to do it. But, if you want really smooth macarons you should do it.

3. Making the merengue: Make sure that none of the egg yolk gets into the mixture. Egg yolk is fat and it won`t allow you to make the merengue in the way that you want. If any egg yolk gets in the mixture, spoon it out or start a new merengue. Adding cream of tartar will help you reach stiff peaks faster. You`ll know when you have stiff peaks when they don`t fall over.

4. FOLDING (the almond flour/merengue mixture): Make sure to fold correctly. This will definitely MAKE OR BREAK your macarons. Underfolding and overfolding may lead to super flat/cracked macarons. Don`t stir. It releases the air in the batter. The best way to learn how to fold is to look it up on Youtube.

5. Use PARCHMENT PAPER! Not wax paper. Wax melts and will make your macarons stick to the paper when they`re done baking.

6. Once you`ve piped the macarons onto your parchment paper, bang the pan to make the macaron batter to release some air bubbles.

7. Let them sit for at least 30 minutes. To be safe, I sometimes let them sit a little longer. This creates a shell. If there is no shell, the air in the macaron will rise through the top, which causes cracks. Letting the batter sit and create a shell allows the air to come out the side underneath the shell. That`s why macarons have feet.

8. Once you throw them in the oven, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR AT ALL UNTILL THE TIMER IS DONE. Opening the oven messes with the hot air inside, causing your macarons to fall flat.

These are all tips that I`ve come up with myself. I hope that it helps! The image is my own image of some macarons I have made.
If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me @kaffyngo

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