The Season Carpet - Changes Color Based On Outdoor Temperatures

4 years ago

Temperatures affect how we dress and what activities we`re able to do outdoors. Wouldn`t it be neat if there was home decor that reflected the temperatures outdoors? Well a Norwegian designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has designed the The Season Carpet, which will change temperatures based on the temperature outside. The carpet is made out of wool and braided in a 3 color pattern. The material has temperature sensibilities. There are two color patterns to choose from: one changes from blue to mint at 15°C (59ºF) and from red to yellow at 28°C (82.4ºF) and the other one goes from purple to pink at 15°C (59ºF) and from red/brown to yellow at 28°C (82.4ºF). I would like the blue to mint and red to yellow one, but it is not being manufactured for commercial use yet. So may be one day.

Does they remind you of those mood changing rings?
Did you have a mood/temperature changing ring when you were younger?
What color version would you pick if this was available?

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