The rock top coat

4 years ago

i resently saw a post by the lovley Bklyn Queen and if you donmt read her posts ur missin out shes AMAZING anyways she had got this top coat by rock i got this at sallys at around 8$ it says its 5x`s harder than any other top coat.. ..
this top coat does make my polish stay on longer but the smell is so gross i can barley stand it :( blahhhhh! plus when you wanna put this on you have to set aside a time when ur not doing anything eles or have to go to the bathroom lol because it seemed like it took forever to dry and half the time when i do my nails i have to go to the bathroom right after idk why but it always happens or my hubby will want something or ill have to go somewhere lol so it smudged alot!!!! but the times that i did make time to let it dry it was pretty good

normally my polish chips like crazy and and sometimes i can peel it right off but with this it made it harder to do that thank god! i kinda have a love hate relationship with this im not sure if i would purchace this again just cuz i need something fast quick and on the go kinda top coat but i did love how it maed my nails harder and mast longer .. maybe if i was going somewhere for a week or something i would use this if i knew i couldnt reapply my polish easily...

all in all its def worth checking out just make sure you let it dry all the way lol

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