The Rock Of Gibraltar! Afternoon Visit :)

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

As some of you may know Gibraltar is in the southern tip of Spain but it is a British territory, and i from there; which makes me British of course. Lately the weather here in Gibraltar has been AMAZING as we have had no rain all Christmas & all of January so far, which is great! Since the sun was out and it was such an amazing day today me and my best friends decided to go up the rock and chill with the apes (LOL) and enjoy the sunshine.

Most people visit Gibraltar to go either walking or in car up the rock and visit the apes we have, but since i live here they apes don`t amaze me hahah! but it`s still fun to spend your day in the sunshine up the rock. We went up in car after school since it was too hot to walk all the way up; two of my friends were wearing the school sweatpants & hoodie lol

Picture 1 - one part of the view from the top of the rock
Picture 2 - the other part of the view from the top of the rock
Picture 3 - an ape sitting on the car mirror LOL

<em>Have you ever been to Gibraltar? Will you ever visit? what do you think of these pictures?</em>
<em>Pictures are mine</em>

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