The Right Workout For Your Body Shape

5 years ago

Do you really know what body TYPE you are? Most of us girls know exactly what body SHAPE we are - whether it be the hourglass, apple or pear. I am the envied hourglass, however, I was very unhappy with how I looked. I spent 10 hours in the gym a week, kept to a very strict diet and cut out all alcohol - four months later and still no results. Sure I had lost weight but I had developed a very unfeminine, muscular body - Gross ! Doing a bit of light reading and searching through every fitness site on the internet I discovered I was a `mesomorphic` body TYPE. Adjusting my fitness routine to my body type has kept me in shape and toned without bulking up. These are the different body types.

Ectomorphic ( `skinny` ): This body type is naturally skinny and working out is to gain muscle mass and develop a toned look. Lots of weights and resistance training !!

Mesomorphic (`athletic`): Mesomorphs can look lean and fit, however, they have a tendency to bulk up - great for me, but not so great for us gals. Lots of endurance cardio, try to avoid too much weigh training !

Endomorphic ( `fat retainers`): This body type`s main goal for working out is generally to loose body fat. Lots of intense cardio and moderate weight training will have you looking toned and trim !!

Good luck gym bunnies !!

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