The Rigght Way To Fill In Brows

Since the time I began researching for my `new makeup` journey; I haven`t started wearing make up yet, this is the first post I have seen that gives realistic tips and shows the results. These methods and tips are absolutely amazing, you`d be surprised you hadn`t though of it before/ that it really makes that much of a difference.
A short breakdown:
1. Try a powder; they often look more realistic
2. Change your color; it makes all the difference.
3. Prep your arch with concealer or highlighter.
4. Actually start filling under your arch first.
5. Move to the top of the brow as you fill.
6. don`t forget the `inner edge` / front of your brow (it`s the hardest to fill, so check the link below for her advice)
7. Finish Up with a gel.
Lastly, Ill throw in a tip, one that I`m sure everyone knows, but in case you are truly a beginner, here goes: If you use pencil, fill in your brows with short feathery dash strokes so as to imitate the look of little hairs on your brows. Use a light hand.
Well that`s it! Thank you for reading my article <3A
Check out the article for full details here:

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