The richest sportsmen: Tiger Woods earned 682 million

The study belongs to the British newspaper the Sunday Times shows the numbers of wealth. What is striking is that the golfer continues to play.
As Tiger Woods wins a month? The number could be impressive, but it is known the golfer has not received salary and not even a boss who can ask for a raise. We know that the more you play and the more you earn ... gets richer. And it can be said that despite the millionaire divorce and the loss of some sponsors that resulted from media separation process, the U.S. wins like few others. In fact, as nobody wins. A study by the British newspaper Sunday Times, Tiger Woods, only 36 years, has earned in his career something like 682 million euros ...

The list, here reduced to the top 5, includes only two names of athletes already taken - Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher (F1) and golfer Arnold Palmer - but still it is scarcely credible that someone is able to surpass Tiger Woods.

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