The Replacement Character File - The Morrigan

The Morrigan is the Head of the House of Mayhem she is kind caring and only too happy to help Mackie as she said
"We were so pleased that you survived childhood. Castoffs generally don`t." She was described as a little girl, I imagin her 8 or 9, with jagged teeth of 50 to 60. She, like her cruel sister seeks the attention and belief of the town to survive and in order to do this she sends her band, Rasputin Sings the Blues, to the Starlight. She is very respected in the House all but Janice dare not talk foul or kid about her. Janice and her have a strange relationship more sisterly than her and the Lady. She is also very childish and plays with toys and tries to grab Janices potions where she slaps Morrigans hand and says "Naughty". The form she takes shows that she is innocent and does not like what her sister is doing both Mayhem and Gentry have to suffer for Replacements to happen she said her sister takes away children and replaces them with the sick children of Mayhem who were to die anyways, but Mackie didn`t. She tells him that he lived because his family still loved him even though he wasn`t Malcolm Doyle but someone else. She took it to offence when Mackie went to see her sister and got her "dead girls" to take the golves that belonged to Emma making her arms dead and decaying. In the end though the day after All Hallow`s Eve and All Saint`s Day, known as All Soul`s Day she was able to kill her sister after Mackie stabbed the Lady`s shoulder once she was destracted by jow happy he was though she was draining his blood.

The Morrigan was introduced in Part Two: The Lies People Tell. Chapter 10: Monsters

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