The Replacement Character File - The Lady Harridan

The Harridan is the Lady of the House of Mystrery, she is beautiful but wicked and cruel she is Gentry`s Monster of Legend the Dirt Witch. All this renamed her house the House of Misery. She takes children and drinks their iron blood to survive she hates being tricked when it happens her wrath is unleashed on both Gentry and Mayhem. She flooded Mayhem by emptying the lake. When All Soul`s arrived she was to kill Natalie instead Mackie volunteered she is so sick she said she had dreamt of having the copper blood of her people. She despises happiness as shown when Mackie starts to laugh as she drains his blood. She feels mocked by him and when that destracts her she is stabbed in the shoulder with a stainless steel knife. This helped her sister the Morrigan kill her with a weapon the Cutter dropped. Acording to Carolina "All Castoffs are allowed to return home is they want to" this implying they are not children of Mayhem but of the dreaded House of Misery yet beautiful House of Mystery.

The Lady was introduced in Part Four: Them. Chapter 24: The House of Misery

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