The Replacement Character File - Roswell Reed

Roswell Reed is Mackie`s best friend and a bit of a flirt he makes clocks out of anything he could find. Everytime Mackie has a reaction he may not know what`s going on but he always helps him. At the Starlight he was chatting up some girls when Mackie got the chills and decided to grab him byu the shirt collar and leave he wasn`t mad nor did he complain just drove him home. Later when mackie tells him why he couldn`t be a normal kid like play on the swings when he was younger he told him that the real Malcolm was dead he just replied "Look, Mackie is you. I started calling you mackie in the first grade-you-not someone else. I`ve never known a Malcolm Doyle[...]He`s not you." He always liked Mackie even though he was weird also he and his family believe they are charmed making them so none of his family members were ever replace.

Having a friend like Roswell is great to have not that it`s easy to find.
Introduced in Part One: Secrets of The Living, Chapter 1: Blood

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