The Replacement Character File - Mr and Mrs Doyle

Mr and Mrs Doyle are the parents of Emma and Malcolm Doyle but when Malcolm was replaced by something....they took him as their own they adopted the name Mackie which is what Roswell started to call him. Mr Doyle is not as warm to Mackie as the others he constantly reminds him to keep hidden and also calls him Malcolm often which although is his name Mackie feels that he says it to forget that his real son was replaced. Mrs Doyle however is trying her best to keep the family together and has a breakdown infront of her children when she remembers what had happened to her and what Emma did when she was four. Mackie bonds more with his "mum" than with his "dad" while Emma is the opposite. When the church was struck by the Harridans Wrath Mrs Doyle had to work overtime at the hospital and Mr Doyle had a breakdown Mackie might have fealt he was blaming him.

Mr and Mrs Doyle were introduced formally in Part One: Secrets of the living. Chapter 3: Heartbeat

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