The Replacement Character File - Luther The Bassist

Luther is the bassist of Rasputin Sings the Blues, one of the most respected bands in Gentry, he is also the stranger on the bridge above the Slag Heap that leads to Mayhem and Misery. He told Mackie he was dying and that he could help but since he refused, and Mayhem wants their "Castoffs" expecially ones that reached their teenage years, Mackie being the only one, to survive, he, and Mayhem, had to result to threats which isn`t what they wanted to do. He also seams to care for him even if that isn`t explicitly mentioned.

He was introduced as...
...The Stranger in Part One: Secrets of the Living. Chapter 2: Never Talk to Strangers
...The Rasputin Bassist in Chapter 6: Fridays at Starlight
...Luther in Part Two: The Lies People Tell. Chapter 10: Monsters

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