The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

The Replacement the Debut of Brenna Yovanoff one of my favorite books and I haven`t even finished it yet. So far I`m on chapter 21.

Mackie Doyle is a Replacement of the "real" Malcolm Doyle he`s 16 years old and loves to play on his Bass Guitar and seems to like this girl called Tate. Unfortunately he has "allergies" to Blood, Iron and the holy ground in graveyards and churches. But Tate`s sister went missing and he finds himself in the Underworld of Mayhem underneath the small town of Gentry on All Soul`s Day Tate`s real sister will be sacrificed by The Harridan aka The Lady I have a feeling he will try to save her but the Morrigan might be too scared of her sister The Lady to help.

He also has to play for The Morrigan`s band if he wants the remedies he needs to survive in our world. He`s recently told his friend Roswell about how he was one of the Replacements placed in the crib of a human baby every 7 years. When I finish the book I`ll post a summery with what really happens if any of you read it all please don`t spoil it.

*Edit*: Near the end of the book he and his friends dig up the Revenant/Replacment of Natalie Stewart and attempt to swap them but fails in the end on All Soul`s Day after All Hallow`s Eve and All Saint`s Day. He offers to die instead of Natalie while she drains his copper blood he smiles at all the things he`s done with his friends this annoying the Lady assuming he was mocking her. He explains that she will never understand and that he is happy to do this for his friends. While outside the Lady`s Crypt Tate beats the living daylight out of the cutter who drops one of his iron weapons before running off. While the Lady drops her guard from Mackie`s laughter he grabs the iron knife from his pocket stabbing her shoulder and getting out. Soon the Morrigan shows no mercy to her sister killing her with the weapon the cutter dropped. When tate asks what will happen next the Morrigan says she is not mean like her sister and children will never be taken again then states when tate asks about will the town be bad now she says "Was it ever good?"

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