The rendez vous spot

4 years ago

So you know when there are things that trigger memories? Like a perfume would bring you back to the days and items would rewind some bad memories, well this place was the "rendez-vu" place for me and my boyfriend. I really wanted to get myself some yummy pho in my tummy and I know that my boyfriend doesn`t like the one I usually go to because he thinks its dirty. This was the place he brought me the second time we met up and i still remember which table we were sitting in, but we didn`t get to sit in the same table. I was really looking forward to the soup, which is the best part and what makes or breaks a good pho place. Sorry guys, i forgot to take a picture of the front of the restaurant but the address is 8291 Westminister highway (at Cooney Road) in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada of course :). This place is really quaint but it was very clean. I love the wall color which was green, my favorite color! LOL The funny thing was that there are random posters which really amused me, espically a random puppy staring at me eating but I don`t mind.

The really funny thing I found was the "weekly special". Why is it funny? Its because this weekly special is the special for the past 11 monthes LOL and I`m pretty sure it was the weekly special for even before that. My boyfriend ordered this, which was also what he got the second time we met :).

The "weekly special" comes with a beefy soup broth base but I really couldn`t tell because by the time I went to try some of his, he already put all the condiments LOL. YUMMY? The noodles are regular pho rice noodles paired with some beef brisket which was AMAZINGLY tender and flavourful. My mouth is watering right now :`(. If i was to grade this bowl of noodles, I`d say B+ for $6.79 CAD

I got the #18 (I believe its that number), the one with chicken, meatballs and quail eggs. I kind of regret getting a chicken one because the chicken was quite tough and dry. Why did I get chicken at a pho place? Because it was something different. Never again ! The chicken was the only part that I didn`t like but the soup broth was really good. I can taste that it was really pure and they didn`t add any enhancing magic (MSG). The meatballs was really good too and I`d rather just get the meatballs. The qual eggs, ehh not really something I`d expect because the yolk was really...oily? When I cook quail eggs at home, the yolk is just like a chicken egg but this one was somewhat liquidy and oily. For $6, not bad and the price is very resonable. My verdict, B-.

The most interesting thing my boyfriend ordered was something called the "Egg soda" (aka. Bird`s Nest drink) which is a sweet drink made from egg yolk, sweetened condensed milk and club soda. This was the first time I tried it and was really surprised. I did not expect it to interesting? I don`t i know if I like it because I`m not used to it at all but its certainly really interesting. You get the creamyness from the egg yolk but it is very subtle. The sweetness of the condensed milk makes it really yummy but then theres the surprising hit of bubbles from the club soda. I think I`ll have to try this again to see if I do really like it. I don`t know how much this was because my boyfriend ordered it >_<.

*All pictures are mine*

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