The REAL trick to losing weight!

Want to know the REAL trick to losing weight? Keep reading...

If you want to lose weight you need to intake 10-15 calories x by your body weight. example:10-15x200 = 2,000-3,000 divided into 5 meals a day = 400-600 calories per meal, you should be eating every 3-4 hours.

You should substitute a meal or 2 with a protein shake- 12oz fat free milk, 2 scoop protein powder and a hand full of any kind of fruit you want.

The key to weight loss IS you HAVE to EAT! the more you whey the more you get to eat. Think of your calories as MONEY spend wisely.

1g of fat cost you 9 calories
1g of protein cost you 4 calories
1g of carbohydrates cost you 4 calories

So basically eating fat costs twice as many calories as a protein or a carb, meaning you get to eat half as much food, you want to eat more protein and carbs then fats.

Eat lean protein (chicken or turkey but not fried or battered), good carbs like (baked potato no butter no sour cream), good fats (omega 3 omega 6 avocado flax seed).

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