The Real Angry Birds Slingshot

5 years ago

I have expressed my love for the addictive game Angry Birds, where you toss birds on a slingshot. The game has grown so much in popularity that all kind of objects/gadgets have been made inspired on it but this is the first one i see where you can actually use in the game, making it even more cool!

To make the game more real, a company that specializes in controllers has come up with an awesome idea for an Angry Birds accessory : a real and functional Angry Birds slingshot!
The slingshot connects to your computer using a USB cable and then all you have to do is pull the rubber back, aim and release to toss the bird. From what i have seen in the video, the slingshot will act kinda like a mouse would and detects the movement.

This is an awesome idea and i would love to play Angry Birds with this. It still seems to be a test/beta version and they will most likely create slingshots with the circuits already inside of it. Can`t wait for this to get to the stores and for me to try it out.

Check out the video to see how it works!

<strong>Are you a fan of Angry Birds? Would you use this slingshot to play?</strong>

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