The quotShut Up!quot Gun - A Gun That Will(Literally)Shut Up Someone

5 years ago

If you are next to someone that keeps talking and talking forever without shutting up and let you even process what has been said,especially in those days where you don`t feel like talking, and i know everybody has come across someone like this, two Japanese researchers have developed a device to help with that.
This is called the SpeechJammer and its a device that can make the other person stop talking by recording what the other person is saying in the microphone and then play it back with a certain delay and is that replay that will confuse the brain and make it difficult for the person to keep talking, a technique called "Delayed Auditory Feedback".

I think the device is pretty cool and funny but just to use to create some laughs or for research because i think it would be rude to just point this or use this technique with someone right when they are talking to you. Still, pretty funny to use and I wouldn`t mind trying it to see what happens =D

<strong>What do you think of a device/gun like this that would just shut up people?
Do you also think it would be rude to point this at someone while they were talking to make them shut up?</strong>

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