The Queen has banned a daughter named Kate Middleton Diana

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William decided that if they had a daughter, then they will call girl Diana. However, Queen Elizabeth II was against the decision of the parents.
According to etiquette, the Queen of England has an absolute right to the approval of any name any potential royal heirs. Diana name for the unborn child of William and Kate is not approved.
Couple has decided that in the case of birth of girls call her Diana, in honor of William`s late mother. William has even asked for support for his father, Prince Charles, but he refused to intervene in the dispute with Queen Elizabeth II. A source close to the royal family, said that Prince Charles son understands the desire to pay tribute to the memory of mother, but I am sure that the Queen did not change his decision, so I think this kind of talk with her senseless.
Recall that for the sake of future grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II has changed the rules, remains unaffected for almost a century. In December 1917, King George V decided that not all descendants of the royal family have the right to bear the title of Prince or Princess. According to this decree, if the heir to the throne marry a commoner to marry the son of this marriage can wear the title of Prince, but the daughter will have to be worthy of the title of a lady. Besides that, the little girl who was born in such a case can not be addressed as "Your Highness."
In January 2013, Queen Elizabeth II was the so-called letters patent - a particular form of expression of the royal: from now on all the descendants of Prince Charles will have the right to be called "Royal Highness" and the noble title of Prince or Princess. This is not the first change traditions that makes Queen Elizabeth II: in April 2011, she was awarded the title of Kate Duchess of Cambridge, when she married William.

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