The Puzzle Alarm Clock

4 years ago

Are you one of those lazy people who hits the snooze button constantly? I should be the guilty one because I hit my snooze my button all the time. The sad part is I set my alarm three different times. Haha! I also set my alarm early so I don`t over sleep in the morning.

To void my bad habit maybe this will work eh? This is a Puzzle Alarm Clock. Basically all you need to do is when the alarm clock sets off. The puzzle pieces will fall into the ground and your job is to shut it off. Putting the pieces together isn`t a problem, but you`ll need to put it back in order! Challenging isn`t it? Yes! Especially when you`re waking up with my eye opens, and the other eye close! O_o This unique Puzzle Alarm Clock is sold for $67!

Seems like a promising idea, but I find it expensive for one. And I might go crazy if I can`t put it together. Lol. Too bad it`s cordless because I would`ve reached for that first. :D

1. Do you hit the snooze buttons all the time?
2. How many times do you set your alarm clock?

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