The Pooping Dog Lamp - A Classy Lamp ( or not!)

4 years ago

If you don`t think that having your dog for a walk and picking the dog poop is not enough for you and you don`t get tired of doing it (which i believe it doesnt aply to anyone lol), you can have this lamp.

The "Pooping dog" lamp was created by "Whatshisname" (no, i didn`t forget the persons name because that is the actual name of the company) and sorry to disappoint you but its not available for sale. Still, they created animals of different races and sizes for different kinds of lamps, like a grand danois for what seems to be a floor lamp or chihuahua for a table lamp.
But here is the most original part - the poop in this case has a function, its the switch to turn on/off the lamp lol i think thats very original.

It might not be the most classy lamp or something that i would get, i find it very funny and i find their idea original making the poop the switch for the lamp, despite being one of the strangest lamps i have seen.

<strong>What do you think of the "Pooping Dog" lamp?
Do you find it original, funny or do you hate it?</strong>

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