The Philippines is a Place to Visit!

5 years ago

Day 20: A Place You Want To Go.

I really want to go to the Philippines. I miss this place terribley, I miss the places and family :(. But lucky i`m going there in May.

The Philippines to me is a must and should be on your list of places to visit. I know I know people may have heard bad things about this country, with the bad sewage and smell, and wih amount of bad people. All I can say is who cares about their sewage problems, it doesn`t smell everywhere, only in the poorer areas. You should stay in the rich areas (I actually havent been because my family don`t live in these areas but my friend has family there) where it is far cleaner. And also don`t leave your valuables laying around when you go out. Some people don`t care and do steal your items out of your pockets (seen it happen to my cousin). Haha BUT appart from that the Philippines is a great and FUN place to visit. They have amazing beaches and places.

I absolutely love Baguio, it`s approximately 6 hours drive from Manila. I know it`s quite a drive but trust me it`s worth it- It`s so beautiful up there ((if you love twilight and it`s forests and trees, then you`ll love Baguio))... Next time I go up there I NEED to go to the Mall of Asia, last time I went there I only saw basically 1/8th of the mall for 20mins :(. And I also really want to see the chocolate hills and I also really really want to visit boracay. The beaches are so AMAZING!

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