The perfect whitening toothpaste! Theramed

5 years ago

Its not a secret that every woman wants to have white teeth. When I was a kid I absolutely hated to use toothpaste, I even was kinda allergic to it. So my parents bought me a special one that tasted horrible, so I didnt clean my teeth properly. Now when I grew up I wanted whiter teeth, luckily my allergic reaction to toothpaste was almost completely gone. Ive whitened my teeth tweice, wich really helped allot! My teeth were on the second whithest color after getting a second treatment. Now a year after that theyre still very white but I want them to stay this way. I decided to try those whitening toothpastes, which tell you allot, but almost do anything.
While looking for the perfect whitning toothpaste I found this theramed one. I absolutely love it! After one week I saw that my teeth really became whiter, beside that it actually works. It has this handy system. No pushing on tubes, just one push on the top and the perfect amount of toothpaste comes out!

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