The PERFECT Sugar Cookie Recipe

I love baking and I to get creative when I bake. I love fancy cookies and I often try and recreate what I see that I like though my problem has always been that I did not enjoy the texture or taste of sugar cookies, in fact while I was growing up I referred to them as sand cookies.

I came across this recipe one day and when I read the ingredients I had to try it, that was the day I discovered I do like sugar cookies. They were moist and full of flavor, they didn`t crumble and fall apart as I had known them to do. The recipe serves a large number of cookies, I made stained glass cookies with them so I may have gotten quite a bit more.

The one thing, probably the most important thing about making sugar cookies is that butter makes all of the difference, margarine is not butter and doesn`t end with the same results and most often not the same level of quality either.

The second most important...this could also be the first but it is very important that you allow sugar cookie dough the time to chill, from personal experience if it gets to warm it will get sticky and when baking it will lose it`s form. I would also recommend that if you bake sugar cookies and you are using cookie cutters that you chill them for approximately 15 minutes before baking to ensure that they maintain their original shape.

If you wish to create stained glass cookies you need to crush up bright colored transparent candies such as lifesavers in to very small pieces (they do not need to be powder or dust) and fill the center of your cookie and bake on parchement paper. Watch your bake time very closely as I find that they tend to bake much quicker than a regular cookie and over baking tends to ruin them. Be sure also to let them cool on the pan for about 5 minutes, the melted candy is VERY hot and needs some time to cool and set.

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