The Perfect Red Lip!

5 years ago

these are the three products i use to achieve a perfect red lip! it really doesn`t have to be something that`s hard to pull off. as long as you`re confident, you can rock a red lip with any outfit on any day! (that`s my philosophy anyways :D)

i always like to moisturize my lips first. typically when i do my makeup in the morning, i don`t have flakes on my lips so i don`t need to exfoliate. (the only time my lips flake is during the day after i`ve removed lip product.) i go straight in with a lip balm. the one i`ve found that works the best for the drier matte red lipstick i use is nivea kiss of smoothness. it provides a very smooth surface for the application of lipstick!

then i line my lips with a red lip liner from jordana. it`s retractable so no sharpening - hurrah! i really like the color too. it`s on the brighter side, but it works fine for me. i mainly got it because red lipsticks can bleed more easily than other colors and it`ll also look super unflattering/untidy if it does! i`d rather be safe than sorry. this was probably the cheapest lip liner in walgreens so it`s what i grabbed LOL it`s not an exact color match to my red lipstick but it really doesn`t make a huge difference.

the red lipstick i use is MAC russian red, which has a matte finish. that`s why i moisturize first! otherwise, it`ll sink into the lines on my lips. i apply it straight out of the tube to my lips. i don`t use a brush or anything, and i`m just quite careful with it. i take my time - you should never rush in applying red lipstick, no matter your method! precision isn`t a huge deal though for me because on a day to day basis, not that many people are going to notice tiny flaws. i will try to be super precise for special events though!

and that`s it! that`s all i do :) it doesn`t have to be a struggle, ladies! rock those fierce, bold red lips!

how do you wear your red lipstick? what`s your go-to red lipstick?

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