The Perfect Harry Potter Lover`s Present: How to Create a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! So, today I decided to give you instructions and links on how to create a Hogwarts acceptance letter for someone. I made one for my friend and she absolutely loved it, i even taped it to a little ceramic owl.

These came form the blog Oh Mishka, and are not my own.

Instructions for creating your very own Hogwarts acceptance letter!
1. Youll need custom fonts, so go to, go to the Media tab, then click Fonts. Download the following fonts: Lumos Parseltongue Magical Me (Parry Hotter) Magik

2. To install these fonts on your computer, simply unzip each file. Then open your My Computer Folder, open Local Disk (C:), open Windows, then open Fonts. In the custom font folders youve just unzipped, drag the font file to your Font folder. Now its installed and ready to use!

3. Follow the instructions on the image files. All instructions are in pink, so theyre hard to miss. Just everything in the actual text file and make sure to use the right fonts!

4. Youre ready to mail your Hogwarts letter!

5. To make it look extra authentic, like real parchment, soak the papers in coffee for a few minutes, then let them drip dry. If you soak the envelope, the glue holding it together will come off, so be prepared to tape or glue it back together. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with JK Rowling, Harry Potter, or anything else copyrighted. I simply created this to send to a friend and wanted to share it, since its a hassle to do on your own.


For the letter text:

For the envelope template:

For the whole set of instructions (BE SURE TO READ THIS!):

Enjoy!! :)

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