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5 years ago

Liking ones hair the way it is naturally is pretty rare in women. For example, if you have straight hair you may want a perm, or just light curls. If you have dark hair, you`ll want a lighter shade, etc. This is the case with me as well. I have naturally "wavy" hair. It doesn`t sound that bad, but in my case "wavy" just means part frizz and part chaos. This means that no matter how much I brush my hair (product and style-free), it ALWAYS looks messy. Even if there is not a single tangle in it. And not the sexy, just-out-of-bed messy. More like mental patient, got dressed in the dark messy.

It`s for this reason that I do everything I can to make it straight, shiny, and nice. Because I inherited an oily scalp, I have to clean, dry, and straighten my hair at least every 24 hours, or it will look completely disgusting. As a result, my hair tends to be dry and break. That`s why I`m always looking out for the best products to keep my hair healthy while still being able to style it the way I like.

So when I came across this article, the Best cuts for your hair type, I was really excited. The article suggests certain cuts for whatever type of hair you have. It`s not just for wavy/curly-haired women looking to straighten out; it suggests products and tips on how to "make the most of" curly hair and straight hair. It even lists the prices and where one can purchase the items.

I hope the article is as helpful to everyone here as it was to me!

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