The Perfect Gift for Men!

Hey guys,

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for your man? I present to you the Biometric Wallet, by Dunhill London. Why is it the perfect wallet? It`s virtually indestructible making it durable and will probably last a lifetime. Not only that but it has a scanner that reads the users fingerprint and will only open if it is his. That`s extremely high-tech, I mean have you ever heard of the wallet that reads for fingerprints?

Another feature that this wallet holds is that you can connect it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Why is this useful, you may be asking yourself? Well this feature was integrated into the wallet to prevent and reduce the chances theft. If the wallet is separated from the mobile phone for more than 5 m, it releases a high decibel alarm that will surely alert the the owner of an attempted robbery or if he simply drops it accidentally.

What is this what made out of? The exterior is constructed from carbon fiber making it extremely durable. The interior of the wallet contains a stainless steel money clip, and a credit cardholder.

What is the downside of owning this wallet? The price.

It costs $825.00.

What can you expect from such a perfect wallet?

Questions: would you guys think about this wallet? Do you think it`s too good to be true? We think about its design? What about its color? Would you buy this for your boyfriend, father, friend, or uncle?

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