The Perfect Game Day (Or Any Day) Dip

Awhile ago I was scrolling through my Facebook and happened to notice a link for a dip a friend of mine had shared that looked and sounded AMAZING. I clicked on it, looked through the ingredients and the steps to put the dip together and was like, `Why not? Let`s try it.`

I got the ingredients I needed while doing my weekly grocery store run and to assuage the already mounting calorie and fat guilt, I opted to go with fat free sour cream and low sodium taco seasoning and I`m pretty sure if any of you were to make this and opt for reduced anything, no one would notice the taste difference, I promise.

For starters, if you`re reading this and think to yourself that your cooking skills are not all that great don`t worry about it. The recipe was super easy to whip together and pretty quickly too. I will let you guys know 2 things right off the bat the recipe calls for a large microwaveable bowl in which to mix your ingredients and I would recommend that you find the biggest bowl that will fit in your microwaves.

The bowl I used when I made this (and ended up baking it in, but we`ll get to that in a second) didn`t have all that much room left at the top when all the ingredients were tossed together. So, you have been warned in that respect. And if you don`t have a 13x9 baking dish (which is what`s called for in the recipe) I would tell you guys to find the deepest dish you can find. I ended up using this big glass cookware bowl/ casserole dish we have that, even though it isn`t 13 inches long, was certainly deep enough.

And my last thing to warn you guys about the cheese that you sprinkle on top before putting it in the oven. If the dish you end up baking this dip in isn`t a 13x9, I would think about adding a little less cheese on top. I put the full two cups on top and by the time it was out of the oven and cooled enough to eat without the threat of a burnt tongue (aka no more than 5-7 minutes after being pulled out of the oven) I seriously think I had a quarter inch thick shell of melted together cheese on top.

One last thing before I sign off: I ended up re-naming the dip Burrito Trash Dip. I don`t get why McCormick named it the Texas Trash Dip, but I taste-tested before putting it in the oven and obviously after and felt like this dip tasted like a burrito minus the tortilla shell.

And there you have it! A dip that is simple to put together, doesn`t take long to make and is perfect for that game day or if you`re just in the mood for some comfort food!

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