The Original iPad

5 years ago

The iPad is a very known gadget and that changed the tablet market because after the ipad was lunched we saw an increase in tablet computers.
But iPad didn`t always meant "tablet" like it does today and it was actually a personal computer years ago and it was a clone from an iMac. The name iPad was used before to name the computer you see in the image that was made by a company called Proview and that sold around 20.000 computer like that from 1998 and 2009 (they probably made upgrades on it lol).

Proview has actually tried to get 2 billion dollars from Apple for using the name but there seems to be some problems with that also because Apple got rights to the name back in 2010 for 35000$ and also the computer iPad from Proview is a copy of an iMac. But Proview they did own the name in China before.
The Chinise court did decided in favor of Apple before, it is making selling the iPad in China difficult.

I think Apple should have looked over and searched the name a little better before using it, but im guessing since Proview is already bankrupt Apple will win the lawsuit soon and get the iPads to China.

<strong>Did you know there was an iPad before the current tablet one? What do you think of the Proview iPad ( or iMac clone lol ) ?</strong>

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