The Old School Days

4 years ago

Ive been a real adult, with a real job for a while now. I mean, I say real job but all I actually do is write, blog, and do stand-up comedy (its actually pretty sweet). Ive recently found myself knee-deep in a very cliché nostalgia trip regarding my old student days, and what I was like back then. Regardless of what you end up doing in your life, it`s never anything even close to what you imagined it would be while youre at school, college, or university. I spent most of my school years thinking I was a real adult, yeah, I`m ready for the real world, these guys - these teachers - they don`t know, they don`t know I would say, as I nonchalantly ignored ALL of their advice. Looking back now, I realised I couldn`t have been more wrong. You see, young people always think they have it figured out, that they know how everything works, but in reality they have NO IDEA. I realised when I left school that life sucks, and then you die. Well its not quite that melodramatic, but its definitely not the adventure filled could-be-turned-into-a-movie extravaganza I expected. Now I regret treating those days with distain. If I could go back I would make so much more of school, and college and all of that stuff. Yeah, they still might not have been great - I might still have been painfully unpopular but I definitely would have enjoyed myself more. At a minimum I wouldnt have wanted to leave it all the behind for bills, insurance, and grocery shopping. You spend most of your youth wishing you were an adult, and then most of your adulthood wishing you were a youth. To all those youths out there I urge you to make the most of your school days: Listen to your Tutors, they know much more about life than you could ever realise; cherish your friends, learn about things, and dont start partying too young. Youll have plenty of time to live for the weekend when youre answering phones, and telling Alex how to work his Playstation, every single day of your life. When you leave make the most of it: buy your yearbook and get it signed, get you and your friends to buy, and most of all cherish the memories. Dont dwell on them too much, just cherish them. Sorry for bumming you out. Thom.

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