The no Equipment work out.. PART ONE.

Hiya luuuxers;

Well many of us really want to loose weight and well, we either dont have any money for the gym or we opt for such drastic diets that we can`t even stick with for more than a week.
One of my friends introduced me to this work-out and bit by bit i will be sharing with some of you guys some workouts you can do AT HOME and wont need ANY equipment.

The first one i am going to talk about is ..


<em> What you have to do is stand as tall as you can with your legs apart slightly wider shoulder width.
Put your hands out straight right infront of your body at shoulder level . Now try to keep your torso as upright as possible during the WHOLE process, but with the lower back a little bit arched.

Now all you have to do is lower your body to the ground as far as you can by bending your knees obviously, make sure you brace your abs aswell whilst doing it, it will make them work alot more, once your as low as you can get, hold it for a few seconds and then push yourself back up to the first position.

Repeat this process about 15-20 times. </em>

The bodyweight squats is one of the best lower body work outs anyone could do. It basically works all the major muscle groups of the thighs, glutes and hamstrings. This exercise will firm up your legs and build strength

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