The Ninja!

4 years ago

This is most likely going to be the next big ticket kitchen appliance I purchase. I first heard about this blender <strong>The Ninja</strong> from none other than my father last year. My dad loves protein shakes so he wanted something that was going to be worth his while. He got one of these bad boys for Christmas and now I want one. Theyre like the holy grail of blenders. The Ninja is what you would get if you married a blender AND a standalone mixer. This blender can crush ice, blend smoothies, churn milkshakes, mixes dough, chops dips (as in guacamole), and even makes lattes. The mixing dough thing really got me and I have not personally seen it done in person, but I joked with my dad that I was going to pop in one day to make cookies in his blender HAHA. Its just a great product, at least in my opinion because from the reviews and from what Ive heard this is a stand-up product.

They also sell a medium size (its almost half the size of the one pictured) and a mini version, which is similar to the Magic Bullet (which I love, but sadly has started dying after such prolonged use). The mini version is great because you can blend your drinks, throw the lid on it and out the door you can go. Its also good because you can make single servings or a double serving to store in the fridge if the thing you are blending is okay to refrigerate. The medium size would be good for someone who needs a good, sturdy blender that doesnt take a whole lot of space. Not that the original takes a whole lot of space anyway.

The wholesale club I was in was selling these for $129, but they are available on websites like Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. I am going to shop around price wise when it comes time to pick one of these up. If I get a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, I may end up picking it up there. Better bang for my buck, right?

Have you heard of or used the Ninja blender?

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