The NEW Unknown Brand `Rebelle`

3 years ago

I`m a big shopper on eBay, and I found someone selling hand-designed and hand-made items from this new brand called `Rebelle`. Rebelle is making different shaped crayons, iPhone 4/4S cases, and MORE.
I was amazed at the talent, and the quality of the product. I bought 1 phone case and 2 sets of heart shaped crayons and it all looks like it came from a company but these are all hand-made from home... It is amazing! Here are some new products that they are selling, and do not be discouraged by the 0% percent feedback, they are new to eBay. The people I bought from before quit selling Rebelle products, and luckily I found this person. Below I will give you the links to 3 products worth seeing!
Rebelle needs to be known, whoever is making these products is SERIOUSLY talented! If you guys like the products I will post more links to more of Rebelle`s products. I have been looking to see if `Rebelle` has it`s own website but so far nothing, just eBay.

Star shaped crayons :

Glittery dark blue and rainbow zebra print iPhone 4/4S case :

Glittery pretty pink princess bedazzled iPhone 4/4S case :

I am not telling you to go buy these products, I am simply showing you the products from the new unknown brand. They are so amazing, I personally like the crayons the best since I have children. Also, the naming of the products are different on eBay, I summed it up on here.

If you guys like the products and want me to post more later on when I find more, please let me know!! And please let others know of this new unknown brand!


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