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Finally the new Luuux website is here! It`s faster, has an awesome new look, and has a different way of awarding $Luuux.

Before this new site was here, the old one was very slow but you could earn points by adding posts, commenting on posts, liking a post, and winning post of the day, week, and month. Now on this new website it`s much faster, which is great, however you don`t earn $Luuux the same way as before. While this new system ensures that no one is abusing the site, which I like so there isn`t spamming everywhere, some of the things I think should return. I think that if we were awarded $Luuux for just posting something, it would encourage more people to write a good quality post. At first when this new site came up, I was really disappointed that we weren`t earning $Luuux for posting a comment anymore, but after seeing a reply from the Luuux staff as to why they aren`t doing this anymore, it makes much more sense. They are just trying to prevent people from spamming and to give people, who truly use the site in an appropriate way, the fair chance to earn $Luuux.

I also think the Technology universe should make a return. I loved writing Technology posts and reading them also.

Here are some of the changes that I would recommend for the Luuux Staff to consider rethinking.

1) Award $Luuux for writing a blog post
2) Allow you to adjust the size of the post picture
3) Bring back the Technology Universe

Besides those three things, I think the new Luuux website is awesome and I will definitely continue to use this website!

What do you guys think? Are there any changes you would like to see happen? If so what are they and why?

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