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I don`t know if many of you have seen the new Luuux shop, but there have been some big changes. The new "Shop" site is much more cleaner and loads much quicker than the previous site. New items have been added; many more clothing items have arrived such as many fashionable sweaters, dresses, coats, and more. Items are now organized into tabs that allow for a more concentrated shopping experience such as "Fashion", "Beauty", and "Technology." You now have the option of buying Luuux bucks as well. While I as well as others am sure, am pleased and think that the new shop site is refreshing, there are some changes that I am not pleased with.

I have not been on Luuux for a little over a month so forgive me if this is not new information. Pricing has changed drastically. The Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM and PM totes have gone way up in Luuux dollars. The GM now costs 451,136 Luuux$ and the PM costs 321,632 Luuux$. It is a huge mark-up from the then-high 80 something thousand Luuux dollars. I no longer see the Dior, Micheal Kors, D&G or Rebecca Minkoff handbags anymore. Instead, there are Hermes look-a-likes that are about 35 U.S dollars (10,640 Luuux$) and another like-a-like for about $175 U.S dollars(54,568 Luuux$). Looking more closely to the new items in the store, many are no longer the coveted designer items that were once in the store. Many of the bags resemble the ones that can be purcahsed at H&M or Forever 21. There are some items that are better off bought with actual money than Luuux dollars because they are cheaper. Overall I do not like the new price mark ups in Luux dollars, the non-designer items that are look-a-likes, and the disappearance of many of the items I had wanted. I do not spend a lot of time on Luuux so attaining a Luuux balance of over 400,000 will take an eternity.

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