The New Luuux... No Longer Happy Luuuxing

4 years ago

So the Luuux shop has changed. It`s now made items so expensive that unless you did this day and night and were willing to invest maybe a year, you wouldnt be able to get any of those coveted items. I`m really dissappointed by the changes, to the point that I feel like the site has taken advantage. There`s hiking your prices, and then there`s losing your loyal users. I`ve loved blogging, and still want to, but I`m so turned off by how awful the changes are and how ripped off we all are (no hikes in our luuux points or the value of doing different things, just the prices in the shop), that I don`t know if I want to use this site as the place I blog.

Sadly, it`ll be along time before I even have enough points to get the cheapest prize in the shop. I`m debating whether I want to just quit now or hold on a bit longer cash and then quit. I definitely won`t be staying on this site past the point that I`m able to get the next prize.

Very dissapointed, and feeling quite cheated too. What are you guys doing considering the changes? I`ve been on the site for almost a year and a half now (joined when it was first starting). I havent had a problem with any of the changes until now, all of the made sense. This I`m not cool with.

What`s your take?

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