The Nano Pocket Watch

5 years ago

Pocket watches are very classical watches and are not very used or seen currently, but they are still out there and this new design might make them popular again.
Combining an old style concept for a watch and the technology of the iPod nano, you can have a very tech pocket watch. The concept is the same used in wrist bands for the nano and while in the wrist band the ipod can serve as a watch by picking one of the watches themes.

This pocket watch ipod frame was created by Edwin Conan, that is using the website kickstarter to raise founds and get it into production. I think he might succeed in it and get to sell them for 41$ each but i also think that the large screws call to much attention and so Edwin could work on that and make them smaller, but other then that its a pretty cool design and goes well with the included watch themes on the nano.

<strong>What do you think? Would you use it?
Do you have one of these nanos that can be used as a watch?</strong>

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