The Mystic Falls Tour!!!

4 years ago

Hey guys,
I don`t know about you, but I love the Vampire Diaries. When I first discovered the show, I watched the first two seasons all at once and I couldn`t get enough.
For those of you who doesn`t know what `the Vampire Diaries` is (who doesn`t?) it is a show that comes on the CW every thursday at 8. They`re on their 3rd season right now and it`s about to wrap up.
Luckily I live in GA and the Vampire Diaries film in Downtown Covington, GA. *Score! So a few months back, my friend and I drove to downtown Covington to check it out. But I didn`t know their film schedule so we couldn`t catch any of the shooting. But I took a few pictures of the houses anyway...enjoy!
-2nd pic: the famous mystic grill sign. It`s really not a restaurant. They just put a sign up but the place is actually some type of business.
-3rd pic: The Lockwood Manor. It`s a huge place, and it`s also gated.
-4th pic: a closer look at the Lockwood Manor, pretty nice right? And can you believe it, it`s a private property. Someone actually lives there. lol
-5th pic: Elena`s house.
All of these houses are within walking distant of downtown Covington. Except for the Salvatore`s boarding house, that was out of the way...but I wanted to visit there the most. Maybe some other day.

If you guys are interesting in visiting the set but you live out of state, there is actually a tour group that takes people around and if you`re lucky you might be going on a day of filming. Just go onto
(I didn`t go with the group, my friend and I drove by ourselves.)

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