The Movies I`ve Seen: Django

4 years ago

Hi luuuxers...
The last two movies I saw just loved it, hit squarely, but the truth is that usually see films as actors and directors you like, because most likely you don`t disappoint me.

As I am big fan of Tarantino had to see Unchained I dare say it`s the best movies ever made ... Tarantino doesn`t let us miss anything, so sarcastic humor, the violence in exaggeration, his cameo in the film and of course, the theme of the film which had hitherto been poorly addressed ...
The interpretation of Christoph Waltz was fastastic, I found myself laughing laughter Aces, going by Leonardo DiCaprio who made the best performances of his career, not to mention Samuel L. Jackson never disappoints (5th time participating in films by director) ...

The only downside I can find is that Django is a huge movie, but again Tarantino can`t cut scenes / dialogues, and thankfully for anyone who is a fan ...
In conclusion: I loved!!

IMDB: 8.6

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