The Movie: Mrs. Doubtfire

4 years ago

Mrs. Doubtfire was first released in 1993 and from this very day on. It happens to be one of my very top favorite movie of all time! Here`s a little summary of what I remembered from the movie.

Robin Williams who plays Daniel Hillard in the movie is a talented actor who specializes to entitle voices of cartoon characters. He was a beloved, caring father to his three children who characters names are Lydia, Chris and Natalie. Sally Field who plays as Miranda in the movie was fed up with Daniel not being a good role to his children. Without Miranda permission Daniel throws a party for his son, Chris behinds her back. Miranda had it with Daniel so this is when they both got divorce.

Daniel was lost and confuse when his wife Miranda won the custody battle. Daniel was given a chance to see his kids once a week. Daniel did whatever he could to see his children. When he found out Miranda was looking for a housekeeper Daniel knew it was his only chance to spend quality time with his kids. Daniel`s brother Frank who`s a makeup artist hooked him up.

Being disguised as a Scittish nanny, Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire got the job. Throughout the movie both ex wife and children recognize him. Everything went smoothly until one day Chris saw Mrs. Doubtfire tinkle like a guy. Lol Only Chris and Lydia knew the truth about their dad. I`ll end it here for the people who haven`t watch it yet! It`s a pretty good movie! I do recommend watching this movie. Who knows you can learn a thing or two. ;)

1. How would you rate this movie? 10 being the highest.
2. What are your thoughts about divorce parents?

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