The Most Intelligent Man of the World?!

4 years ago

I avowed that nowadays, in century XXI I thought that the most intelligent man/woman in the world wouldn`t exist. I mean, we have a lot of computers, engineers, gifted so, I couldn`t imagine a Person who would be the most intelligent today. But, let`s talk about <strong>him</strong>.

His name is <strong>Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman</strong> and he is from Russia. He was born on 13/July/1966. And, he is mathematical.
Some people consider him the most intelligent person in the world just because he makes a lot of people (mainly in academia) when he said he solved one of the most difficult problems of Maths: <strong>Poincare conjecture</strong>.
He was invited in 2006 to the congress which was done in Madrid, <strong>International Mathematical Union</strong> granted Perelman for the Medal Fields, but <strong>he didn`t go!</strong>. He also refused another awards. For example the awards of 782.000 which was offered from Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, because he solved the problem.
Now, he is a lonely person, he doesn`t receive visits from press or even talk with him colleagues! He said something with makes my mouth open:
<em>"The awards are irrelevant because if everybody can understand the solve of the problem (which is correct) so, he doesn`t need another recognition!"</em>
Well, there are not a lot of information about him. People near to him said that since 2003 he doesn`t work and he lives with his mother. His show about maths let him constrained, so people said that he lefts the professional Maths and he abandoned the Steklov Institute of Mathematics.
He looks like a lonely person, but he doesn`t communicate. He looks anti-social maybe all the Genie are! Well, no matter who they are. Thanks to this people we have great strides to the future.

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